Friday, February 20, 2009

Free time and more walking

In January I started working very part time at Amelia's preschool. The girls love it and it gets us out of the house during that early evening witching hour that every parent dreads. With Margot on the cusp of her second birthday and her increasing anguish over Amelia going to school in the mornings without her, little M started her own school this week. Theoretically this would give me some free time (2 mornings a week) to take care of long neglected household duties (and regroup the scattered pieces of my sanity). However, during the first two days of Margot daycare this week I was able to fill in as a substitute at Amelia's school.
As an aside, 3-6 year olds are probably the coolest little humans on the planet.
So here is the cool part. Amelia's preschool is 2.5 blocks from our house. Margot's day care is 2.5 blocks away from Amelia's school. Matt's work is 2 blocks away from Margot's day care. We aren't relishing this situation as much as we should be due to frigid, frigid temperatures, but come spring the bike trailer is coming out!
On our walk to the the preschool yesterday afternoon I met two young police officers that are starting a new beat downtown, including my block. They had a tour of Amelia's preschool and took information for their own families. It was great to see officers on their feet in the city, rather than racing by in cars. I understand that they may be using bicycles as the weather warms, as well.