Saturday, April 18, 2009

The April Post

This city mom has been a busy mom (aren't we all?), so much that I had to hurry off the phone with my own mama to take advantage of a child-free moment. Evenings have found city dad and I typing away on our separate lap-tops, and when we encountered each other at home at lunch time yesterday, we were both on the phone with other people.

My part-time gig at the Montessori preschool has expanded into several substituting days, and now more than ever it feels like a home away from home. I am in the honeymoon period when the kids are so excited to see me, so my days are full of hugs and customized drawings. They are wilding out on the spring weather. Margot is blooming at her daycare and now that the sun is out we are enjoying the slightly longer walk there.

After work/school yesterday we enjoyed a mug of beer (the girls had milk) in the biergarten at the Brew Works, then a delightful chance meeting at the Deli Plaza with some Emmaus friends. Their daughter did some amazing tap dancing on the sidewalk. Our neighbors and their extended family were gathered on their stoop blowing bubbles, and the girls and I stayed out with them on our own stoop while city dad and city dog walked to pick-up our take out. Amelia clamored for more stoop hang-out time for the rest of the night.

We are spending part of our day working at the Community Garden at 2nd and Chestnut in Allentown.

I am spending a quiet morning gardening my own backyard. It is beginning to look beautiful!

Our backyard daffodils are finally blooming.

Tonight is the spring thaw potluck for the Old Allentown Neighborhood Association

I am spending my waking hours recruiting farmers for the Allentown Plaza Growers' Market, and doing all sorts of alien things like meeting with health inspectors and cooperative extension directors. I feel nervous and invigorated.

I'm trying to write a native plant ordinance.

I'm applying to graduate school (again) and financial aid, and scholarships.

I get to meet my new nephew next weekend!