Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oh, do we need an introduction?

CItymoms was born, in part, out of frustration. I live in a beleaguered city. People love to hate on Allentown. We are a classic urban locale with all of the associated problems (poverty, crime, crappy school district) and few of the benefits (we are struggling for some night life and diversified retail)

But I love it. I refuse to buy my way into a better school district. I don't want my kids thinking it is normal to have to drive everywhere. We don't have grass in our backyard but we do grow vegetables. We are a one car family. My oldest walks to school and my husband bikes to work. I know my neighbors. I know my mail carrier. I'm getting to know the police on this beat and local politicians.

I feel like we need to nurture urban centers throughout the country back into good health.

So here we are, and I hope to be joined by other city moms, from cities both struggling and thriving, to present the non-suburban side of child rearing.


General Slocum said...

Nice page, there Karen! I'm going to hang out here, because I will never get done all of the half done time consuming things I'm trying to do now to start the stay@homedads blog, but someone should!

KJ said...

Damn! You made me realize the huge exclusion....we should have called this "City Parenting" or something. Sorry to have contributed in any way to the marginalization of stay at home dads.

Daniela said...

The world needs more hip dad bloggers, in my opinion!

I see no reason why dads couldn't blog here too...maybe as special guest bloggers?