Saturday, January 24, 2009

so much for that hour a day....

This A-town mama's blogging skills are in serious question. While I can't sit here and suggest I never get an hour of down time, I can safely say said down time occurs when my brain is officially fried. So very fried that I can gleefully enjoy the technological brilliance that is Netflix on Tivo.

Events that have been keeping me from typing include stomach viruses, sub-freezing temperatures, Margot starting her mornings at 530am, seasonal affect disorder (self-diagnosed), cabin fever, paint and feathers and sequins and glue to address said cabin fever, death and sorrow, a ridiculously messy house, a very part-time job, inspiration to return to school upon discovery of the perfect second career, elation related to this new plan, frustration by the red tape that inevitably pops up when all other stars are in alignment.

Oh yes, and an almost 2 year old that climbs into my lab to pound away at the keyboard if I ever dare to sit here during her waking hours. There is only a small bag of googly craft eyes between her and the destruction of this non-entry.

OK, googly eyes are now being consumed

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