Tuesday, March 10, 2009

City Envy

Margot celebrated her 2nd birthday, twice, in Annapolis MD and Washington DC. The weather was brilliant and we came away with serious city envy. While we've carved out a walkable lifestyle here in Allentown, visiting a place like DC underscores that we don't have nearly as much to walk to. The comparison isn't fair, of course. Allentown is much smaller and lacks major universities which provide the youth population. A house like ours in DC would be 10x as expensive. We probably couldn't afford all of the cute places we could walk to. And yet. The patio seating at the numerous breakfast joints, the gorgeously restored rowhomes (we have that HERE folks, for cheap!) the museums. swoon.
Back to the reality check. If we moved to DC, we would be working so hard to cover living expenses that we probably wouldn't be appreciating the museums every day - so I'll appreciate that my inexpensive little city is adjacent to some really cool big cities. So we can have our grapefruit mimosas on the patio and drink them, too.

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Daniela said...

We are so on the same page! My husband and I adore DC. He actually lived there for a couple of years and it was on our list of places that we wanted to/could live in. But it was just too damn pricey to own a house...but sigh. We do love it. Good place to visit though!