Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I imagine it is normal for all stay-at-home parents to have a bit of an existential crisis at some point. What ever person we may have been before our #1 companion was a child (or children) is irrevocably changed. For me, I left behind a career in marine biology to raise my daughters. I'd argue that I'm completely comfortable with that decision about 90% of the time.

We lived in Panama for most of 2006, and in that time our oldest daughter went to a Montessori pre-school, giving me about 12 hrs/week of completely free time. Which I did virtually nothing tangible with. I read HipMama a lot, and Fast Food Nation, and DH and I really started focusing on whole foods (the foods, not the store), organically grown produce and livestock, and the 'locavore' movement.

So at some point, down in the tropics, I decided, f@ck it, if I'm going to be domestic, let's get really domestic, Martha Stewart style. I'm no artist or crafter, (although I did recently buy fabric and make curtains) so I threw my hat into the bread making ring.

Which brings us to the gorgeous challah that I make today, with locally raised organic duck eggs. We were going to take one loaf to the neighbors, but I got selfish and decided we should make cinnamon toast with it tomorrow. The other loaf disappeared with the homemade lentil soup.

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Daniela said...

mmmmm, Challah! I recently mentioned to my baking husband that I thought he should make challah...