Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Walking and biking to school

I have at least a dozen posts swirling around my head regarding urban schools. Our temporary haven is the Montessori preschool downtown, but just this week it is mired in tumultuous parent-driven ugliness and insanity. I am not going to post about that, though. I need to escape it and have faith that the bulk of the parental community is not bat-shit crazy and are happy to support and question the administration in a healthy, respectful way. This is Montessori, after all.

We had our first sticking snow last night, and school was postponed an hour. A significant number of parents come from the suburbs, and on icy days like this I appreciate that we can walk instead of drive. This was M's first real experience with snow, and she loved it until she realized it is freaking cold. The refusal to wear mittens didn't help, so the idyllic walk quickly deteriorated shortly after this photo was taken.

On other days A rides her bike or scooter, and when she goes on foot she gets to ride home on the back of dad's bike. Awesome.

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