Monday, December 8, 2008

Holiday parties begin!

To be honest, I still feel a little dazed. Perhaps too dazed to write anything of substance. I felt the need to post a photo of my girls running wild in the streets for the Christmas tree lighting. It won't be surprising to anyone that knows them that they were decked out in their Halloween gear.

Despite the rain and chill, there was a decent crowd, a band playing carols, and a second rate Santa Claus. The good news is that he arrived on a fire truck. The bad news is he was a bit of a prick when insisting that Dancer was a boy, despite my leading question on behalf of my daughter. Throw us a bone, Santa! I went so far as to suggest to my girl that he wasn't the real Santa. We'll have brunch with him at the Brew Works this weekend. And also at Black Orchid (Southern style brilliance). Two brunches within walking distance, who can resist!?

The rest of the weekend featured 3 birthday parties and a gingerbread house assembly. We left our hopped up kids with a sitter and hit the holiday punch at the OAPA party at Peter's amazing living space. The energy was great, and we were able to meet some interesting new friends and neighbors (hopefully friends, that punch was strong and I was awfully affectionate). A sursprise snow shower saved me from the original plan of biking to the party. DH claims he's never seen me so happy to witness nasty weather.

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